Volunteer with Stettler Golf and Country Club

We rely on volunteers who bring different skills and experience to the Stettler Golf and Country Club. From helping during work parties, offering a hand with an event, sitting on committees and project teams, to being a board member. your valuable time is appreciated. With this being our 100th year, we need your help even more, making it one celebration to remember.

To volunteer, please fill out the form below, select the events or committees you would like to be a part of, or contact Cathy at 403-742-2001 with your information. You can volunteer for as many events as you like. Our list of events and committees will be edited frequently throughout the year when final dates are added to our calendar.

Please note, last year’s one-time volunteer drive offers and price reductions are not being repeated this year.

2023 events and committees.

  1. Stettler Trade Show: April 14-16, 2023. set-up, booth management, clean-up. (volunteers needed immediately)
  2. Stettler Steel Wheel Parade: June 10, 2023. marshals. candy.
  3. 100 Year Celebration Event: June 17, 2023. committee, golf tournament, supplies. (volunteers needed immediately)
  4. 2023-2024 SGCC Board Member

SGCC Volunteer Form

Please enter your information and select the event(s) you wish to volunteer for. We will get back to you within 2 business days. Thank you for applying to be a volunteer. Your commitment makes a difference!

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